November 17, 2013

Mom, I Want to Change Course!

Assalamualaikum Luvlies, hope everybody is happy and cheerful this Monday morning......The title says it all....parents most dreaded problems.

My son went for Diploma in Civil Engineering, going into his third semester, he decided he cannot go on....he keep on carrying forward subjects which he failed. For the past year we have been going up and down..from Cyberjaya to UiTM Pulau especially, minding him, find a room, furnishing the room, even got a bicycle for him ( the sit broke after a few rides). As for me, it was a "forced" holiday....hi hi hi....getting away from routines are considered holiday ok.

He actually wanted to become an architect, inspired by me, his SPM results does not qualified for him to pursue a Degree course ( we don't know, that there are Diploma courses available in IPTS ), I guess, to keep mom happy, he applied For DCE and got it....but.....the rest is history. Now his at home staying with us doing TESL at MSU in Shah Alam.....with MAPA scholarship ( ha ha ha Mama and Papa scholarship ). I guess he finally found himself, the real him, the thing that he wants...he initially didn't know that he likes English Language as well....UiTM Pulau Pinang was not a waste....Allah's amazing Qada and was actually in UiTM Pulau Pinang that he realize, Malays are very weak in the English he wanted to change that InsyaAllah....

My husband's friends some of them are in worst situation. One of their son are in the fourth year Medical Studies in UK, when he wanted to change course, because he almost fainted when he went for Obstetrics & Gynaecology postings after watching the process of Labour.....can you imagine the amount of money spent? Another friend, had only two child, a pair, the parents sort of forced the son to do Medicine....but he kept failing...when a child keeps on failing, it is an indicator that they are not interested in that field...parents should be sensitive and considerate...he ended his life by jumping out of his parents apartment.

As parents, we should guide our children into whatever course they like instead of forcing them into what WE like...let them make their choice, be supportive....Allah rezk  is everywhere on this earth and is in abundance....never fear about it...useful links to view :

For Malaysians only.

Good luck, happy parenting.