November 23, 2013

Is It Very Important To Be A VVIP?

Assalamualaikum and Peace to my dear luvly friends....yesterday, I went for a wedding. He could be considered as a VVIP.....but to me he's just my husband's friend....we use to hang out together....but weddings are official event. As we arrived, another VVIP came, and called out to my husband....they were, classmates, dorm-mates and housemates. My husband used to study in STAR in Ipoh and RMC in Sungai Besi after that. 

VVIP means they are answerable directly after The Yang Di Pertuan Agong, that's our King. The other VVIP is a Tan Sri Datuk Sri....he is the Chief of foreign friends might get confuse by now....these are just titles, like Sir as awarded by the Queen of England, awarded by the King and Sultan of Malaysia.  He chatted with my husband as we greet the bride's parents and they both continued chatting as I followed behind. Finally they arrive to a table written VVIP only. As all the special staff fuss over the VVIP, my husband and I went to the commoner table and I started queuing to get my meal while my husband hold on to our seats. Suddenly the Tan Sri called out to my husband from across the hall and indicated that he should join him. I told him to go ahead as I waited to scoop some dishes onto my plate of rice. Then a guy in Batik called out, Datin ( hi hi hi, I am not even a Datin....title for the wife if the husband is Datuk)...Datin, please Tan Sri asked to join him. And I was a VVIP for a few minute, served and asked if there are anything that I needed instead of going around getting it myself.

Finally, all of us finished our meal and as usual my husband would all grouped together with his friends and chit, would gather around their spouses. One of them are quite close to me now, since we frequently meet. I told her about what happened, and another lady also noticed that incident as I have to leave behind the rice which I have scooped earlier. She said....wah...hopefully what the guy called me would one day come true (becoming a Datin).

Some how something in my heart just felt not right. I told her, no, it is not that important to have all this worldly point being respected in this world while Allah and all the Malaikah are not in favor  of you. I told her I have been for Hajj twice while I was working in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, but nobody really knows about it, unlike some people, once they come back from Hajj, they must put Haji or Hajjah before their name, and some even went to change their ID card for that purpose. No point having that title and make known to people that you have been for Hajj but not behaving like Hajj or Hajjah or even contradictory behavior. 

Even if you are a VVIP in this world what is the most important is to be a VVIP on the day of judgement, and that is a special privilege all of us should strive for, so that we are comfortable on the Day full of hardships. Wallahu a'lam ( only Allah have the best knowledge ).