October 17, 2013

Ancaman Dajjal Moden Dan Womens Lib ( A translation)

Assalamualaikum all, hope everybody is doing fine in Allah Blessings....Alhamdulillah.
This article is written by Abu Anas Madani. He is one of the great Islamic Scholars we have here in my beloved country Malaysia. His real name is Dr.Abdul Basit Abdul Rahman. Original article. I have decided to take this task of translating it, even with my poor English command, because it is a very good article for us to ponder upon. Here goes:

Threat of Modern Dajjal And Womens Lib

Dajjal is a very devious "fitnah"(test) for those that come face to face with him. That is why Rasululllah SAW always advice us to recite this du'a at the end of every prayer.

Which means: 
" Oh Allah I seek refuge from You from the azab (torture) of the grave, torture of the Hellfire, torture of life and death and the torture of Al-Masseh Ad-Dajjal".

"Fitnah" is actually an Arabic word, but commonly use in the Malay language. In Malay, it simply means, to slander or to defame, however, in Arabic it means a test or threat. Rasulullah SAW always ask us to recite it at the last Tahiyyat of every prayer. The feared Dajjal would appear at the end of time, before the final day. A lot of people who are not strong in faith would become his follower and would even thought him as god.

 According to Rasulullah SAW,  the one eyed Dajjal (blind in one eye) has been given mystic power by Allah SWT. He can see up to the end of the world with his one eye, he could hear with his ear, what is spoken from the other side of the world. He can go across the world and around in  minutes or in split seconds, he can bring out what is hidden under the earth, like gold, silver, diamonds or even oil easily. He could bring down rain and make vegetations grow, and make people die and at the same time can bring them back to life.

From  Hudzaifah RA , Rasulullah SAW said :

"Dajjal is blinded in one eye, that is his left eye, his hair is thick, long and curly, he carries in his hand heaven and hell. His hell is heaven, and his heaven is hell for those who believe in Allah SWT." 
[Hadith from Muslim]

So those who are weak in their Iman, they would prostate and follow his command  and thought that he is actually god, only those with strong Iman can see on his forehead written " kaf" "faa" "ra"   (كفر) which in Arabic means, the "unbelievers", and they believe that this is a test to see how much they believe or how strong their faith is.

From Qatadah, he heard from Anas Ibni Malik RA that Rasulullah SAW had said : 

" There has never been any Prophet that had warn his followers about the one eyed liar. Know that dajjal is blind in one eye, where else Allah is not and in between his eyes, it is written "kaf", " faa", "ra" (كفر)
[ Hadith by Muslim]

Even though the real dajjal would only appear at the end of the world, Rasulullah SAW has taught us how to protect ourselves from the "fitnah" because it can happen in any form which deviates, or distract us from the true purpose of our live.

Modern Dajjal. 

Let us now look at dajjal from another perspective via the discussions made between Sheikh Ibnu Bulaihid, someone well admired by the Badwis in Najdi and they all like to gain knowledge from him with a famous writer in Saudi Arabia who hails from Austria.

He came to Saudi Arabia during the reign of Malik Abdul Aziz and is respected friend of the late Royal Highness. The discussions are compiled into a book The Road to Mecca

The book was translated into Arabic tiltle At-Torik Ila al-Islam. With his experience being a Westerner and a Non-Muslim before this, he described the description of the dajjal in the hadith is actually the description about the modern technologies today (that is before the arrival of the real dajjal), that is the situation people are in now, where moral values and anything that is related to their existence is being ignored. He said, " Isn't it clear that the description about Dajjal in the Hadith is referring to the modern technologies now?"

1. It has one eye, that is, it only looks at life in one direction only, that is, progress  (material), spiritual progress is not emphasized.
2. With the help of machines or sophisticated tools made by humans, it can hear and see beyond the normal eyes and ears. This is achieved by the use of phones, planes, jet planes, satellite and Internets.
3. The progress of science has made possible the ability to create rain, make plants grow fast and bear more fruits, able to detect and locate and easily brings out treasures from underground like gold, silver and oil from deep seas.
4. Medical technologies has also benefited a lot to mankind. The terminally ill and complicated diseases are now able to detect and treated immediately and with lesser damage to the body. At the same time, sophisticated weapons are also developed to kill a lot and fast.

This material progress can be intoxicating to those who are weak in their iman. They would finally judged that this is the ultimate life. This is "god", power, modern technologies...gadgets....that is why now some people when they wake up, instead of rushing for ablutions and perform the solatul Fajr, they check the latest updates or post on FB or Twitter first.

Only those who believe in the true god...ALLAH..those who know, why they are created,only these people can SEE the meaning of dajjal and make them become closer to Islam. Following the footsteps of kafirun whether from the East or from the West it has become the world of dajjal that is intoxicating and misleading.

The modernization progress is no longer able to balance between the physical requirements, living among society and spiritual needs. Religious ethics is no longer in their living vocabulary, in fact, religion is just like a soothing background music that is calming, that is a requirements in this life but should not completely be a way of life. They lost all guidance towards religion, they do not gain any  benefit morally from the lights of knowledge that the progress in the great Science.

This is very well described about their situation by these verses from the Quran:

قال الله تعالى: {مثلهم كمثل الذي استوقد نارا فلما أضاءت ما حوله ذهب الله بنورهم وتركهم في ظلمات لا 

يبصرون. صم بكم عمي فهم لا يرجعون }. ( البقرة : 17-18)

Their parable is like the parable of one who kindled a fire, but when it had illumined all around him, Allah took away their light, and left them in utter darkness...they do not see.
Deaf, dumb (and) blind, so they will not turn back.

Because of their insolence blindness leads them to believe that only modernization are the only light to happiness in this worldly life. They make believe with slogan like "Western Way of Life" are the best way to solve human problems, by experimenting in labs, factories and statistics.

Women and Dajjal.

Rasulullah SAW also informed that towards the end of time, women would be the most all out following dajjal.

Rasulullah SAW said:

“ينزلُ الدجالُ في هذهِ السبخةِ بمرقناةٍ فيكونُ أكثرَ من يخرجُ إليه النساءُ، حتى إن الرجلَ ليرجعَ إلى حميمِه وإلى أمِّه وإلى ابنتِه وأختِه وعمَّتِه فيوثقُها رباطًا مخافةَ أن تخرجَ إليه”

Meaning: Dajjal would come down from a salted plains region called Marriqanah. The most that would follow him would be women, so much so that a man would quickly ran home to look after/take care of his wife, mother, daughter, sisters and aunties, tie them up, because he is worried if they would come out  and follow Dajjal.
Hadith From Ahmad (7/190) confirmed by Ahmad Syakir.

That End of Times is here and now. This can be seen through the phenomena where women are no longer tied to their homes, they are out and whereabouts handling chores regardlessly whether it is a necessity or simply doing it. Cannot be denied, that this could lead to more negative than positive impacts. Now is the time where Islam is being attacked from all corners to see its destruction, we can see that women are being pulled out of the norms taught by our beloved Prophet SAW. Some of them are deluded into thinking that women liberation is a call to fight for...without realizing that they are actually leading themselves to destruction. Womens liberation are meant to dragged women to be of same level as men, they can put off their hijabs or womanly dress to dressed like men and work like men. Some are to believe that they should look pretty and sexy to ultimately degrading themselves in the eyes of men. 

Womens right has clearly been outlined by Islam according to the Quran and Sunnah. The Quran said that women are same as men in their status as human, both have rights and responsibilities to execute...this is mentioned in the Quran which means:

Oh people! be careful of (your duty to) your Lord, Who created you from a single being and created mate of the same (kind) and spread from these two, many men and women; and be careful of (your duty to) Allah, by Whom you demand one of another (you rights), and (to) the ties of relationship; surely Allah ever  watches over you.

These rights does not exist for those who called themselves "modern thinking" people, in fact they feel that Islam does not uphold women rights and imprisoning them at home.Is it because Islam does not make women "cheap merchandise" to be enjoyed by eyes whom are morally sick? Is this what they are asking for?

Rasulullah SAW said:
" I have not left the biggest fitnah (test) which is much more dangerous for men than the fitnah (test) from women."

Modern Dajjal has come to control the human lust. Human has begin to move towards what was said by Rasulullah SAW in the hadith mentioned 1400 years ago.

Once again let us pray and ask Allah SWT to save us from the fitnah of Dajjal in whatever form it come to us because it is a test where many of us would fail....and ended up in Hell...Amin 

Wallahu a"lam ( only Allah knows best).

Oleh: Ummu Anas Madani, Madinah.9.99.