September 15, 2013

What would you do?

Before I deleted my FB account, someone from Nigeria shared this news. I just wanna share it here and find out, what would you do. This is a real life event so I am not using real names.

Christine, has been dating Okeye for 12 years and finally last August he proposed. Christine was so excited about it and could't contained her joy. She finally went home to discuss with her parents about it and they are more so happy that their eldest daughter is finally getting married. All preparations are made for the arrival of the bridegroom.

On that day, everyone was bubbling in happiness for the greatest event in the family. The time, the bridegroom was supposed to arrive, has passed, they assured themselves that he would finally arrive, maybe they lost their way or maybe their car broke down. Then there was a phone call from Okeye's brother that he was involved in a car accident and that he has passed away. Christine just refused to listen further, she just could not accept it ( I mean, who would ).

Finally they gathered their strength and the whole family went for the funeral. After the funeral, Christine just could not stop crying. She told her parents that she wanted to stay on a bit longer, to visit his grave everyday and to be with him for a while, and she told her parents, that it is alright for them to leave and go home first.

A few hours later, Christine receive a phone call from the police, saying that her parents, two brothers and a sister was involved in a car accident and all of them died on the spot. What would you do, if this happen to you?