September 23, 2013

Everybody have the right to what they want to write.

Went blog walking when I could find some time to sit down and stop hyperventilating. Some of the blogs I visited made my hyperventilation worst. They call themselves "Muslims" but they talk bad about ok .... public figure, but do you know what their real live is, what kind of live they are going through, what are their struggles. Maybe they are fighting very hard with syaitan or their own nafs....aren't they doing Jihad?   

Here we are, thinking that we are so Muslim, because we wear "jubah", (robe) "hijab"( covering of the hair), bearded, turban and all....can we guarantee that we will enter Heaven? Are we positively sure, especially when we continously backbiting our sisters about them not wearing Hijab.....I mean I was not Hijab too in the was because of ignorance, influence, or whatever you want to call it, but Allah called me back...Alhamdulillah and guided me.

I feel, everybody should be given a chance to redeem and a chance to rethink ( muhasabah) about themselves...especially to those who just embrace Islam, don't expect them to know everything about
Islam like you do.....stop are eating your brothers and sisters dead flesh.....yuks......