December 14, 2012

The Teapot Deli

Assalamualaikum to my dear Muslim readers and Peace to my dearest Non-Muslim readers. Thank you so much for your frequent visits. Yesterday I  took my son for his Orthodontic appointment  at Subang Orthondontic & Dental Specialist Centre in Shah Alam.

Why "Subang" but in Shah Alam? The clinic was initially located in Subang in 2009 when I first went there. They moved out in late 2010 and we also moved out of Subang about the same time. Follow up since then is an hours drive to Shah Alam.

Appointments here are like hot cakes, if there is a vacant slot it would be taken up in a snap. If you want to make an appointment, be prepared to wait for a week the earliest or more, unless there is a cancellation.

My son's teeth before wearing braces in August 2009. The red lines indicating the centre of the teeth, as you can see, none are in the proper alignment and in upper right jaw, there is an extra tooth squeezed inwards into the mouth. Some tooth did not grow vertically, instead horizontally and pushing the tooth in front it, blocking toothbrushes from reaching that area, thus developing dental carries. In Islam, wearing of braces are allowed only if it is not meant only to look beautiful. My son suffers from frequent mouth ulcers, making it difficult for him to eat.

How it looks now.

Ok enough of Orthondontic lessons. It was raining really heavy yesterday and in order to avoid the after work traffic jams, I decided to drive on to SACC Mall for Asar prayer and tea. We went to The Teapot Deli. A very cosy home ambience cafe located on the 1st floor of SACC Mall in Shah Alam, near the PKNS Complex.

Lots of different shapes of teapot displayed here.

Sardine Rolls, Curry Puff and Mushroom Quiche.

Red Velvet Cake, Hot and Cold Tea.

Mini Chicken Pie, served with Fries, Veges and Black Pepper Sauce.

It was a superb and satisfying tea, hope to visit here again during my son's next Orthodontic appointment.