December 20, 2012


Assalamualaikum dear readers, hope everyone is happy as ever InshaAllah. Watch a movie on TV last night titled "Taken". It is a story about a couple of young teenage girls, 18 spesifically travelling abroad (America to France) for holiday. Befriended a "handsome" guy at the airport and consecutively shared a cab with him for the excuse of expensive cab prices. His intentions was to know where they live. He even invited them for a party that night. 

After saying goodbyes to the girls promising to pick them up that night, he made a call to someone giving them the girls address. A few minutes later 4-6 guys came to picked (by force) the girls up for human trafficking.

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What is human trafficking? It is kidnapping people  (girls,women, men, kids) either by tricks, pretext, luring or what ever schemes they have found effective for the purpose of selling them as slaves, prostitutes (most common) and children are sold to childless families or worst they are phisically mutilated and forced to beg. In Malaysia now common cases are people are lured with expensive pay to work overseas and they are provided with all the travelling necessities and "asked" to carry "items" with them, normally drugs (drug mule) and these people if get caught are arrested and in most country would send them to a long prison sentences. 

Certain countries would hang them to death depending on the amount of drug they are trafficking. I hope and pray that all of our children would always be protected by Allah and that they are always guided to do the right thing and not duped into all kinds of tragedies......InshaAllah.

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Oh the movie ended up with one of the girls father (he was an ex CIA agent) fighting to save her and as always he manage to save her at the very last minute. Unfortunately her friend was found to be dead, probably due to overdosage of drugs. In real life ( not everyone's father is a CIA agent or ex),  it might not be possible to save anyone, childrens have been reported missing here in Malaysia and  they are not normally found or if found they are already dead. Look out for your kids, know their whereabouts, get phone numbers of friends or addresses where they are going, just be extra cautious so that you would not regret later.