December 4, 2012

Kuching Sarawak Family Trip - Day 3

Finally the last day of our trip...After a delicious breakfast at the hotel we stayed The Pullman, Kuching., we head on to Semenggoh Orang Utan Sanctuary which is about 30-45 minutes drive. Our guide informed us that it is now fruit season in the jungle so we might not be able to catch any glimpse of the Orang utan as they have food aplenty. Here we could see the natural habitat of the Orang Utan, their nest and could also watch feeding time if we're lucky.

Fellow tourist...Everybody was waiting for a glimpse.

Unfortunately...the guide was right, after a few walks into the jungle, the Orang Utans refused to come out even though the rangers called them out enticing them with food...but there are enough food in the jungle...nope they are not coming out. Even though clear signage had been put up to "Keep Silence" some fellow tourist just could not help themselves from making more about Semenggoh Wildlife, Kuching. here.

Nepenthes Gracilis or Periuk Kera (Local Name)

There are a lot of species and these are just some of them, these plants are carnivorous, they consume insects that comes near them.
Next, we were taken to a privately owned Crocodile Farm called Jong's Crocodile farm. Here crocodiles are bred for export. There are other animals in this farm too, it is like a mini zoo.

The remains of Bujang Senang, the crocodile that had killed lots of villagers in Sarawak.

Feeding Time.

After lunch we were taken around city tour of Kuching.

Still a popular mode of transport across the River.

The Cat Statue.

Sarawak River..view from Hotel.

Sarawak Library.

 Sarawak Museum.

Sarawak Parliament Building.

After sightseeing, by evening it has started to drizzle. We wrapped up the day's tour with visit to the Dayang Salhah Layered Cake Factory. Sorry....really sorry...we were so taken by the spread of layer well as generous sampling...we all forgot to take any photoshots....(don't know whether they allowed photoshots). We packed quite lot for families at home. Visit Dayang Salhah official website here.

Day 4 was actually packing day....we have to check out and our guide took us out for lunch before sending us to the airport. I tried out the famous MeeKolok (Sarawak Laksa), it was delicious, as all food, it all depends on the cook, so get your guide to bring you to the restaurants that is  famous for its deliciousness.

Thank you for reading, hope you all enjoyed it.....Next trip Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.....will post soon. InshaAllah....