October 3, 2012

My experience with Father Burke.

Father Burke is a Roman Catholic Priest. He was a Resident Priest at the Assunta Hospital. Being a celibate, Father Burke occupies one of the single room in Ward Mariam (named after Mary-Jesus Mother).The Hospital Chappel is also situated on the same floor of Ward Mariam. He was more then  90 years old so he was frail and not very well.  He would do his rounds just like doctors would,  visiting patients in the wards. The Christian patients would definitely recognized him as he would don the full priest gear, bringing along the holy bread and holy water, praying for their speedy health or their peaceful death.

A priest robe 
 Courtesy from Google.

One day, I came to Father's Burke room to serve his daily medications. "Good morning Father", I acknowledge him cheerfully as to all patients, we are trained to greet them cheerfully every time, as this would help  alleviate part of their illnesses. He would always answer back, "good morning to you too, my dear". "how are you today?" I asked. He would always say "never better".  As Muslims it means Alhamdulillah.

Even though, I was not like how I am now, he asked me, "are you a Muslim?", I replied "yes, I am". He showed me the newspaper front page for that day. The news is about a peaceful handover of the UMNO Vice  President post from Tun Musa Hitam to the late Tun Ghaffar Baba. The pictures shows that they were all smiles and shaking hands. Regardless what when on in their hearts. Father Burke said, "I like the Muslims,they are peaceful people". MashaAllah...I am so proud to be Muslims and still proud and would be more proud if all Muslims of the world united into one and only cause, Allah.

We might not be Rasulullah, we might not be Umar Al-Kattab, Uthman Affan, Al-Fateh or Salahuddin Al-Ayubi, but we can do  little little things that I am very sure Allah would definitely notice. How we present ourselves as Muslims, how we interact with people, being honest , abiding by all the qualities that Rasulullah had taught us, non-Muslims would notice too and when we started to make them think and InshaAllah they would have a better opinion about Muslims.