September 24, 2012

"The Innocence Of Muslims"

Assalamualaikum to my Muslims readers and Peace to my Non-Muslims readers. Ramadhan came and gone, may all of our efforts during Ramadhan gains blessings from Allah and place us among those that are successful. In the Quran, Allah says that those whom are successful are those on The Day of Judgement had gain Allah's pleasure and that Allah is pleased with him/her.

Shawal is also gone, I was so busy and completely forgot to snap any pictures of the Shawal spread. Shawal in Malaysia is a month long celebration and a very joyous event indeed. What is incredible about Shawal in Malaysia, everybody like get connected after a year of separation. Parents are reunited with their children and Silaturrahim are renewed. Foes sometimes take Shawal as opportunity to seek forgiveness. I am sure these are practised among Muslims throughout the world.

A glimpse of Raya with my family.

Ok, Shawal is over. Now the most recent incident is about the cheap movie, which in my opinion is orchestrated to make the Muslims angry and shows bad behaviour and oh my they have succeeded even  beyond their imagination .

In my opinion, those people who killed the US Ambassador are themselves are those that do not RESPECT or LOVE the Prophet Sallalhu Alihi Wassalam. What they did further tarnished the image of Rasulullah SAW and Muslims all over the world. In actual fact this people do not learn Islam and the teachings of the Prophet.     

If one would take time and learn about the Sirrah ( history of Islam), through out his life especially in Makkah, the Prophet had been insulted, humiliated and even attempted murdered upon his life. Rasulullah remains calm and patient. After the migration to Madinah that the treats continue and the enemies planned for a big attack that Allah finally call upon the Prophet to prepare for war in order to protect themselves and their land. 

A very beautiful video about how Allah would always protect His Prophet by Imam Shuab Webb.

Surah Al-Lahab The Love of  The Prophet. Part 1.

Surah A-Lahab. The Love of  The Prophet Part 2.

Surah Al-Lahab. The Love of The Prophet. Part 3.

Take your time to listen, each video lasted only less then 10 minutes each.
May Allah keeps all of us in His Guidance and that may all of us are included in His Blessings.