April 20, 2012

Yasmin Mogahed: Salah: Life's Forgotten Purpose

This is Yasmin Mogahed. I am fortunate enough to know about her through Mercy Mission Malaysia whom had organised an event where by Yasmin was a guest speaker. I started google ing for her and I am amazed.

This is a 32 minute video about how we, I mean me, how I have misconstrued the real meaning of salah. Salah is the pillar of Islam. Meaning, our life should actually evolve around salah.
 I mean, if I want to go somewhere, eg. to the Mall. I must make sure when is the prayer time, where I can perform the salah, and the required clothings to perform the salah. If I plan to go when the prayer time is almost due I can take ablution from home, and try to save it as long possible until prayer time.

Telekong, a common prayer garments for Malaysians, Indonesians and Muslims around this region. Please view telekong images here.

I used to go to Japan for my sister's graduation, and we went to Tokyo Disneyland. That event took the whole day, because of the size of the area and there are lots of things to see. There were no ablution area or praying area, so we must make do. Salah is important for our soul, for our body would eventually disintegrate our souls would live forever.