March 21, 2012


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Went to the market this morning. After parking my car, I was about to alight , there was this man parked besides mine, he was unloading  stuff into his car from the trolley.

As the car park is slightly slopped, he did not noticed that his trolley had started to slide down backwards. I tried to warn him, but I could not come out from my car as he was blocking it.

Suddenly he realised what happened and started to run after his trolley. I couldn't help laughing quietly in the car. When I finally managed to come out, he noticed that I still have that smiley grin on my face.
He actually saw it and somewhat expressionless about it. 

I know Rasulullah never fails to smile. In this case, I did not smile purposely to him, was it wrong?
As females, we are not allowed to smile all the time to anybody, especially to ajnabi men. We are encouraged to smile to fellow ladies...but I noticed people are not the smiling type any more. I do noticed though some ladies would like, "stare" at me sometimes. Maybe because of the way I dressed...more like an Arabian lady than a Malaysian lady, surprisingly when I smile at them, they smiled back.


Image from Google