March 10, 2012

Examination Hall.

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Life is just a test. Being rich is a test, being poor is a test. Being healthy is a test, being sick is a test. Being clever is a test, being stupid is a test. Being free is a test, being busy is a test. Being able is a test, being disable is a test. Freedom is a test, under bondage or restricted movement  or colonised is a test.

Why are we being tested? Because Allah wants to know the sincerity in our hearts. Are we only seeking Allah help only when we are in trouble? Once that problem is solved by Allah we return to the state of "kuffur ni'mah", being ungrateful and forgets about Allah.

As in all Examination Hall, there are certain rules and regulations that we must follow. Code of dress is usually applicable, that is also applicable when we want to perform Solah. Time is the utmost important factor. We are required to arrive at least 15-30 minutes before the exam starts. Are we always punctual with our prayer times?
For each paper there is a time frame, just like our prayer time, there are specific period of time for example Maghrib prayer starts at sunset and ends when all of the red color in the sky has diminished.
We must perform prayer only during the specified time, otherwise it is considered null and void. You can't sit for a Chemistry paper when the examination hall is conducting a Biology test.

What is the most anticipated thing that one wants out of an examination? Of course the RESULTS! All the preparations and hard work before the exams would finally pay off if we get good results. This is the same with Allah's test, the RESULTS would be an eternal bliss in the hereafter. Why must we work hard for our examinations? For those whom could forecast what their life in the future would be they would definitely work hard to achieve a comfortable life.

Life in the hereafter is just like our future. Nobody knows what the future holds. Nevertheless we must still work hard to have a comfortable future. My dear brothers and sisters never give up on Allah, if you fail in a certain test, get up and try again. This also applies in this life. The key word here is NEVER GIVE UP.

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