March 28, 2012

Kuching, Sarawak Family Trip 4D/3N - Day 1.

Praise to Allah the Almighty for creating this beautiful Earth. Alhamdulillah too for with Allah grace that me and my family had another chance to visit another beautiful place here in my beloved country, Malaysia. This time we went to Kuching in Sarawak, Borneo. There are so many interesting info to share, I have decided to break this posting according to the Days we spent there.

All set to go!

Kuching viewed from the sky.

Kuching Airport.
Beautiful clouds, bidding welcome to us, it was drizzling when we arived.
Kuching in Malay means cat. Kuching is also known as Cat City. Actually Kuching was named by Chinese migrants that named the place Coa-Chin which means port. The locals eventually pronounced it as "kuching" which means cat.

On arrival we were greeted by our tour guide Mr.Adeni, a local Malay man. We were immediately whisked into a van and a taken to a restaurant for lunch.

Gazebo Cafe and Catering.
Delicious food served here !

After lunch we went for our Jamak prayer at a mosque which was initially the national state mosque.

Chandelier in the mosque.

We were  then taken to Satok Street Market.
Street Markets are very popular among Malaysians. We can get bargains items here and almost everyting that crossed our mind, from clothes, accessories, meats and fish, vegetables, groceries even potted plants and of course FOOD....all kinds of food, mostly local food. We were given 45 minutes to browse around. I thought all street markets are the same, we would not find anything interesting here. I was wrong, boy was I wrong, in fact 45 mins was not enough.


This is the same like in Peninsular Malaysia, the only difference is, the glutinous rice is green in colour due to " pandan" juice (screwpine leaves).


This is really cute, never seen this before even though the name is the same. This is not made with rice instead it is made with glutinous rice and taste just like the lemang. The wrapper might be the same wrapper  used for ketupat palas. See here for lemang and ketupat.There is no rendang to accompany it either. Maybe they have, maybe I did not ask for it or she did not offer...normally rendang are sold separately.

Kain Batik.

The purpose and method of wearing this is the same, only the design are different. The one on the left are the regular " kain batik" . If you noticed the motif on the right is peculiar with Sarawakian bead design.
 See beads design here

We bought gifts for relatives and friends here.

Mount Santubong

We were then taken to our beach accomodation at Damai Beach Resort. This is by the beach and at the base of Mount Santubong. Find out more about Mount Santubong here.

My room, queen bed each for me and daughter. Good night.

The Beach.

Damai Beach Resort.

After breakfast, we went for a walk along the beach. It is really clean and beautiful. Can't swim here either, currant are strong and lots of rocks and stones.

To be continued.....