February 25, 2012

Two New Chauffeur !

I have finally acquired  two new chauffeur that would help out with my driving woes !

 Ta da here they are :

Nope, they don't look like chauffeur? They look more like a Sheikh?

You're right, they're my twins, just completed their driving lessons and passed their driving test!
Why do they dressed like that? well it was Friday and they have just been for Friday prayers.

They have taken their driving lessons at Metro Driving Academy. They have a few branches, their's is in Kampung Pulau Meranti Puchong.

Its a sprawling place with  driving lessons field for motorbikes, cars and lorries.

It is about 7 weeks before they finally obtained their driving licenses. The system has changed a lot since I last got mine. They have to be on a "probational" period of 2 years, with  300 merit points given. If through out that period, they maintain good driving skills, without summonses or collisions then they would be awarded with a proper license. During these 2 year period a sticker like this 

Image By Google.

 have to be sticked on the left side of the cars windscreen, back and front, whenever they are driving. The cars can be interchangeable just stick the sticker to which ever car you are driving. That would be mom's or dad's. 
If an accident happens during this period with grave injuries are involved, P licence holder will be demerited from all the 300 points. He would have to attend a court hearing to find out whether he/she is safe on the roads. He would then have to go and take another driving test and start all over again.

This "P"licence cost me RM1389 each, it's a learn till you passed package. If you fail  you can repeat till you pass at no extra charge. Worth it or not? My twins passed at first round. Anybody else got a better deal ?, please share.