November 23, 2011

Hajar's RA Sacrifice or Submissions?

The month of Dzulhijjah is always associated with Hajj and sacrifice. Mosques, TV and radio would give tazkirah about how
 Ibrahim AS was ordered by Allah to leave his wife and newborn in a desert valley with small amount of food and water that would not last forever. How Hajar RA would walk and run between Safa and Marwa to find water once it is depleted, and the history of Zam Zam water started. How Ibrahim AS would come to visit his wife and child that have grown up only to sacrifice him by slaughter as ordered by Allah, and how satan would discouraged him and he would threw stone at it.
All of the history repeated every year as a reminder to us and to inform the jahil and also the young ones.

A Replica of The Zam Zam Well

I know, its late, as usual, I have lots of things to write but can't find the time? I am playing Bakery Story and Restaurant Story on my Android phone and it is sooooooooooo addictive. Worst than FB, I mean better then FB because you don't backbite here just play with real people too :)

Well, back to what I want to say about the month of Dzulhijjah. The story of Ibrahim AS is clearly told in the Quran. How he started to find out about God. Initially referring the moon and then the sun. Allah wants to say  that even prophets needs guidance from Allah to look for Him. This is more for us lay person to find the truth, this task is greater for those who are born not Muslim. Sad thing is those born Muslims get misguided after being given guidance.

I am talking about Dzulhijjah from the point of a female view. Imagine yourself after having a child, your husband left you without any place to stay, with so little food and drink, a place where there is no human being, no plants. Can we actually imagine ourselve ?

I mean, we would normally go crazy and would not think right. How did Hajar RA take it ? This is called total submissions, she trust Allah whole heartedly, she trust Allah would not have neglect and abandon her, she believe that all that is happening has a reason behind it.

Pilgrims performing the Sa'i between the hills of Safa and Marwa.

Would she have imagined that millions of people from all over the world, from all walks of life would be performing exactly what she did before the Zam Zam well was created by Allah?  Why was she created ? Just to bore a child for Ibrahim AS when his first wife cannot conceive? Once the former wife had a child, she  was cast away into the desert?

Allah has planned, and Allah planned my not complain of the little sufferings. I am actually talking about myself. All that you went through is not without Allah noticed and my dearest Allah pleasures is the one we should seek, not of any other human being.

Imagine what your children will achieve if you sacrifice your job to look after their welfare? There are people who are not married and also people whom Allah did not bestow upon them children. These people can work, I mean none of us are irreplaceable. Money? who actually provides? Children is the best commodity here in this world and in the hereafter. How would children look after their aged parents while when they were young, they were sent to Nursery and look after by maids or Nanny?

Some would argue that we can actually do better job then men, why of course the men get discouraged because the ladies are doing so well. We are actually encroaching into their territory? However education of both gender is very important. A mother should be an all rounder, she should be intelligent, because children in this era are not like those days.

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