November 9, 2011

Bringing up adults.

Children are a great gift from Allah. A lot of couple do not have children several years after marriage. I know
 of  one Obstetric and Gynaecologist, who delivers lots of babies everyday but she herself is childless and she is in her fifties now.  Some are awarded with MashaAllah lots of children, but they are in financial constraints. This is all Allah's doing and only He knows why...Sadly in Malaysia now babies are being thrown away due to lack of religious education.

Images like this appear almost everyday in the newspaper and over the television. Mothers and fathers, killing their on own flesh and blood cruelly. Some are wrapped in plastic bags and thrown like rubbish, some are fling over from their high rise apartment window, but there are also some who have heart and left it near the hospital or Musolla.

The joy of hearing the first cry cannot be described you can only experienced it to appreciate. What are the first thing that crossed our minds when we first found out that we are pregnant? A mother would be beaming from ear to ear, and a father would not stop talking about it to friends and family. Every stage of the pregnancy is observed, every care are taken to ensure a healthy, intelligent baby would come to this world.

Would be names are studied and the best name with the best meaning would be chosen even before the baby was born. Did it ever crossed our mind that this babies would eventually become adult? How exactly the type of adult we want our children to become?




These are the usual career that every parent would want their children to become. Did it ever occur to our mind that they should grow up to be a cleric? In Malaysia there are parents that wants their children to be so. These children are sent to "Maahad Tahfiz" or "Sekolah Pondok".

A "pondok" school.

A "pondok"  school is actually a village with hut (pondok). People come here to learn the Quran and everything about Islam, they live the simplest life. The age of those that come to stay here has no limit. They are self sustained, sometimes with donations and the generosity from the surrounding neighbourhood.

There are also modern Quran Schools called "Madrasah" or "Maahad Tahfiz". These are buildings build from bricks and stone and facilities are better than the "pondok". Even their activities does not consist of religious education only. All of Rasulullah Sunnah are incorperated including co-curriculum activities, like archery, swimming and horse riding and other Curricular education like Maths and Science are also taught here.

Children at present time, are more sophisticated. I mean for example if I buy a new phone, they would be the one teaching me how to use it. Hey! I don't have to look into the long winded instruction booklet and don't even understand it in the end, (that ancient yea).

Why don't we take advantage of this and create a new generation of adults to be. I mean they can be Doctors, but doctors that memorize the Quran. Doctors that can treat patient physically as well as spiritually. They should be Doctors that are strong enough to fight in a war...after all most Muslims nations are being attack now. Rasulullah SAW said that "the time will come when Muslims would be ridiculed, make fun of and victimised". The Sahabah asked, "why? are there not many of them?" Rasulullah SAW answered, "yes there are so many of them, but they are just like bubbles on the surface of the sea."

We must start creating our children to become the saviour for Muslims. Are we willing to take that challenge?

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