October 19, 2011

Can I look into THE BOOK?

You said there is a BOOK.

In it everything is recorded up to its minute details.
 Every speech, everything the eye sees, everything the ear hears, every food put into the mouth, every movement of the hands and the feet. 

Every good intentions are recorded, but bad intentions are recorded only after it is carried out. 
This BOOK would be closed every 15th of Shaaban and a new BOOK would be opened on the same day. 

You said, all sins would be erased at the end of Ramadhan if proper fasting and worship are carried out. 
But...after Ramadhan there would be another 11 months before the next Shaaban....all that has been erased would accumulate again?

You said sins would also be erased after performing a proper Hajj...but it would be 8 months before the next Shaaban.

Can I look into the BOOK? How did I fare so far? Am I 100% sin free or 90% with 10% sins....or is it 80% with 20% sins? 

How am I doing so far? Am I 50:50?

Where will I go at the end of time? Heaven? Hell? Hell first than heaven or would I be sitting on the Al-A'raf? Al-A'raf verse 46

I tried my best to do the best that I can do.

 I know my best is not enough.

In the morning I would be ok remembering You, in the afternoon I would busy with wordly chores, in the evening I would be too tired to do anything.

 How am I doing so far? I fear You Oh the Creator, but yet I continue to do things that's against You. 

What if I die now at this very moment, what would my BOOK shows?

Will I received it with my right hand or my left hand? 

Can I look into the BOOK?

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