August 20, 2011

Last week of Ramadhan.

I noticed from my stats, nobody has been reading about my post "death". Is it because it is taboo or is it because we are afraid of death. Ramadhan is the best time to reflect upon death. What if today is our last day on this earth? This last week of Ramadhan, Allah had promised the Al-Qadr night. In this night the rewards is that of a thousand month or an equivalent of about 83 years. We should grab this opportunity as some of us might not live up to 83 years. Even if we do, would we be able to perform any ibadah through out that life?

Ibadah does not confine to sitting on the prayer mat, praying and reading the Quran only. Ibadah is best when it involves another party. Eg. cooking for family, help an old neighbour paint their house or fix their leaking roof. Prevent someone from committing sins is also a kind of ibadah and any of this if done through out the last days of Ramadhan...InshaAllah will get the ajr (rewards) of a thousand month. Wallahu a'alm.