July 10, 2011

Tobito Senior and Tobito Junior- A sad Feline story.

Even as I typed the title, my tears started to dwell in my eyes as I wanted to share this very sad story about our pets.

My tears by now is rolling down unstoppable as I started to think and remembering them.




Tobito Senior, came to our house in Subang one day injured and sick after a strong fight probably. He is very territorial in nature, any trespassers will be confronted and prosecuted without defense. I guess on that particular day he must have had a stronger opponent. He could hardly move, all curled up on my door mat that I thought it was a raccoon sleeping. After a small budge, he did not move at all, so I left him sleeping there.

When I came back to look on to him, he was not there anymore, but was in my kitchen. My kids by then got to know about it and started to gather around him. We tried to feed him, but he just wouldn't eat nor move. As days goes by, I guess the saying that cats got 9 lives is true, he amazingly became well. Started to eat and added more weight to his already huge size. Initially we thought he was a girl and tried to figured out some girlish cat's name, in the mean time we all called him "Meow Gemuk"  (fat meow). He was a very gentleman cat. He would not climb on dinner tables for food and hardly made any noise except if we left him at home for  a long time, he would be meowing as though grumbling for being away and that he is very hungry. If we are at home he would lift one of his paws in indication that his plate is empty and it needs refill. If we do not oblige he would just turn away and leave.

One day as he laze around in front of our house, the neighbour saw him and started to SMS me regarding him. It seems that he was their cat and that his name was Tobito (a male spayed cat), and that he ran away after the neighbour brought home a young kitten. He had disappeared for five years. Through out his disappearance he had lodge at my son's friend house, nearby and he was called Garfield there. One day when she passed by our house and saw Tobito, she pressed the door bell and said that Tobito was her cat. So we started to explain, that Tobito was actually our neighbour's and that he had ran away. She was obviously very upset, nevertheless we told her to take Tobito, but Tobito refused to budge. She took another cat after that. 


Fifi came into our household via an open window in my sons room in the middle of the night. She was about 5-6 months old at that time. She was sooo adorable, jumping and running and playing and the kids just adore her. She was well trained too. She would do her business in the toilet until we eventually bought a sand box and cat's litter sand. The day we bought that, she would go so many times in a day as though now she is finally comfortable doing it on the sand instead of in human beings toilet. Tobito and Fifi did not get along very well . We just make sure they do not cross path. Unfortunately Fifi being a kid, like to play around. Even a moving tail is a toy, fortunately Tobito did not have long tail.

We eventually started to shift out of the rented house in Subang and started to move to Cyberjaya. Everytime we visited Cyberjaya we would bring Fifi, so she was accustomed to the surrounding. I had advised the children that Tobito should stay behind as he was old and more familiar with Subang area . Besides his ex owner, the neighbour would take care of him. Children being kids, they started to missed Tobito so much that the next visit to Subang to collect more items we eventually brought Tobito back to Cyberjaya. They promised if Tobito cannot adjust we would send him back. Unfortunately, the whole night, Tobito just hide under chair and bed and was freaking terrified. He did not eat, did not do his business no nothing, just hide.... the kids finally agreed that he cannot adopt to this new place, besides Fifi was also there, making him more uncomfortable.

The next day after fajar prayer, he wanted to go out. I thought he wanted to do his business, so I let him out. Once he was outside, he started to sniffed here and there and slowly moved further and further. I called on to him not to go too far, but he just continued. He looked at me one last look, his eyes glows in the dark as if saying goodbye to me. I called out again and tried to go after him, but it was too dark. I ran back inside to get a torchlight, but by the time I came back to where I last saw him he was not there anymore. I frantically tried to search for him again when the sun is brighter, but he was not insight anymore. Once the kids got the news they all became very quite and upset. They went out to look for him but to no avail. My youngest son even started to cry, and my tears starting to roll down again now.

We started to think all kinds of sad things that could have happen to him. Lost in the bush, came across another male cat and started to fight to death. Attempted to cross the road and knocked down by unscrupulous driver who just think that cats are like mosquitoes to be crushed and grounded flat on the road. What would he eat and all sorts of things. We finally settled that he won't be coming back and that Allah will look after him. Goodbye Tobito.

 Fifi was just a few months in Cyberjaya when we noticed that she started to become fat. Actually she was impregnated by a local Cyberjaya stray cat. On 29.03.2011 Fifi gave birth to 3 kitten, but one died. The dead kitten was buried in front of our house.  The two left was a male and female. To commemorate our lost Tobito, we named the male kitten Tobito and the female Tabita.

Fifi and Tobito Junior.

 Tobito and Tabita.

Tobito and Tabita was such a joy. They are playful together, and so adorable. The kids eventually resigned to the fate for Tobito senior, but still feels upset when Meow Gemuk was mentioned. Everyday for the last 3 months was happiness. Tobito Junior and Tabita entertaining us everyday with their gimmicks. They even played in the sand litter box eeikss. Every morning they would go outside and play, but only for a while. They would come in quickly if there are dogs,  cat or any person passing by. Last Monday  04.07.2011, as usual they would go outside and play with mummy Fifi watching closely. Fifi was not very well lately so she came in early leaving Tobito and Tabita outside. I started to hear the gardener cutting grass near our unit and was worried about the kittens. I have to prepare breakfast for hubby and promised to myself that I will look for them soon. Unfortunately, it was too late, both of them are gone. I went to look for them around the compound, they are not in sight anymore. They are gone, just like Tobito Senior. Praying and hoping that they might appear again....but until today they did not come back. Imparting the premature disappearance of both the kittens to the kids are the hardest part of all. This time we think positive. They are cute and adorable, probably some good Samaritan had saved them and brought them into their comfy homes and that Allah had willed that they are better off living with other people than us.

I was very upset, up-to today....I watch their birth, I cleaned them up, I toilet trained them, I cut their paws nails and I have regrets too. They always play on my cleaned laundry, they climbed on to tables, printers and ironing board. I used to scold them too. They scratched the sofa, carpets and the curtains are all shriveled by their claws. I do regret getting mad at them, but that is what we normally do to kids too. We scold them if they are wrong, it is because we love them. We want them to do the right things in life....maybe cats are different ????

So we are left with Fifi only now. She is so quite now, hardly move, hardly eat. Depressed maybe with the disappearance of her kittens. Ventured out of the house in the morning only to return in the evening, its as if there is no cat in the house. Maybe we would have better luck with the mysterious feline friend in the future InshaAllah.

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