June 14, 2011

Kuala Terengganu Family Trip.

Phew! 2 weeks of school holiday, can't even get a grip on the computer. For the first few days we all went for a holiday trip after a loooooong hiatus. 

The plane that's taking us there.

Happy faces^_^

The Sultan Mahmud Kuala Terengganu Airport.

One of the monument in Kuala Terengganu. This is a replica of the "Batu Bersurat Terengganu". The Terengganu Inscription Stone is the oldest artifact with 'Jawi' writing on it. The inscription are in Arabic-Malay believed to be written on the 22nd February 1303. The artifact proves that Islam reached Terengganu earlier than 1326 or 1386. It was accidentally discovered near Sungai Tersat (Tersat River) at Kuala Berang Terengganu by an Arab trader named Sayyid Hussin Bin Ghulam al-Bokhari in 1899 after a flash flood. The Inscription proclaims that Islam as the state religion of Terengganu.

The beach viewed from my room ( 9th Floor). The beach however is not save for swimming, because of the strong current and tides. 

The Primula Beach Resort swimming pool viewed from my room. Noticed anything? no bikini clad people sunbathing....Alhamdulillah..peace to the eyes

Pantai Marang Jeti (Marang Beach Jetty). We will go by boat to Pulau Kapas (Cotton Island), it actually described the sand on this Island as soft as cotton.

The Jetty viewed from the boat. Here we come Kapas Island.

3 of my sons and my daughter in Hijaabi swimming suit. Swimming at the beach on Kapas Island. Can you see how clear the water is?

Island hopping.

My youngest son. Far back you can see people snorkeling, there's nothing much here, but you can see very small fish swimming on the water surface very near the beach. Fun...Alhamdulillah.....

Photos taken with HTC Desire 5 Megapixel Android Phone camera. Any comments?
Don't expect any 5 star facilities here, even the toilet door are removable. I have to rent a chalet at the last minute to facilitate the kids to change into dry clothes and showers, especially more for my daughter. After a few hours of snorkeling for kids and daddy, me and my youngest son just wait for them and enjoy the cottony sandy beach, lunch was served . After that we head back to Marang Jetty for City Tour. We don't have special camera to take underwater photograph, you can view this link  Pulau Kapas Marine Life. for some of the beautiful marine life created by Allah . There are other Island adjacent to this Island too, like Redang, Gemia, Perhentian. They are all as beautiful.

City tour.
First stop was the floating mosque Masjid Tunku Zahrah, Kuala Ibai for our Jamak solat Zuhr and Asr. There are stalls outside the mosque where you can buy souvenir like T-Shirts, key chains and the lot.

Next stop was Noor Arfa Batik and Craft centre. A group of other Malaysian tourist was here too, so couldn't get a clear shot of the Batik printing . There are 2 type of batik printing , one is by block and the other is free hand painting.  You can see the blocked type hanging at the left and the free hand painting near the girl. You can see more Malaysian Batik Painting here. Sorry if there are any inappropriate images, can't delete them, just don't look too far down.

Taman Tamadun Islam.

After that off to Taman Tamaddun Islam (Islamic Cultural Village). Some of the beautiful Khat painting. These are collections from winners of the Khat competition. There are many categories some are paintings, wood carving and others. Then a ride in a buggy with a guide through out the Village. 

I was taking the photograph. You can choose to cycle or take a tram  but it does not stop for photo shoot.

The Taj Mahal. Agra, India.

Xian Mosque, China. 

This mosque was founded in 1392 by naval admiral Hajj Cheng Ho during Tang Dynasty typifies a buddhist temple, however its grand axis is alingned from east to west, facing Mecca.

Kudus Minar, Central Java, Indoneisia. 

 Built in 1549 by Sunan Kudus ( Ja'afar Shodiq), its unique feature is the harmonization of Hindu-Javanese style with an Islamic function. Its tower resembling a Chandi, typically found in Hindu temples. My guess is to attract Hindus to visit the mosque?

Great Mosque of Samarra, Iraq.

 Bilal on horse will ride the spiral track to call for Azan.

Kubbah As-Sakhrah, Baitul Muqaddis, Palestin. 

It enshrines the Sacred Rock and commemorates the Prophet Muhammad Ascension to heavens to visit Allah. You can see the replica of the stone in here, but photography are not allowed inside there.

Abu Nasr Parsa Afghanistan. 

This is not a mosque, like Taj Mahal this is a shrine dedicated to an eminent theologian, Khwaja Abu Nasr Parsa who was a spiritual leader of the Naqshbandi order. Built in the 17th century.

Some of the beautiful monument here. Wow! visiting mosques of the world in  just 1 hour. There are mini theaters and exhibits in some of the monument where you can watch and listen to explanations about some of the monuments in the historical context. 

 At last me in front of the Crystal Mosque, sorry blur photo. I didn't take that ^_^


My twins and only daughter. 
Sun setting at The Crystal Mosque. Can't stay longer to watch the beautiful illumination of the mosque by night  as seen on my profile pictures.

This mosque is also slightly submerged under water.

The beautiful interior and exterior carving of the mosque.

Breakfast before going back home.

 A final splash at the swimming pool. Unfortunately my boy here injured himself and sustained a big cut.

The famous keropok lekor before going back. This small stall is situated along the way to the airport. It is so popular you have to take a number for such a long que. The keropok is prepared here.

There was so many people waiting that I dare not take any photograph.

Bye bye Kuala Terengganu.