May 2, 2011

The wedding.

I know... wedding of the century... everybody is talking about it.. almost every blog I visited theres the Royal wedding event.They talked about the gown, how beautiful she was, how dashing he was.I know its everybody's dream to have a wedding like that. I am not a looser or a sour grape or anything. Just wants to remind all of you, what happen to the fairytale wedding of Diana. Where is she now? What happen to her marriage? Why was she treated badly? when the whole world loves her sooo much.Why is it that when she does good thing people hate her?

I just like to talk about what happen after marriage. Husband's and wife's dos and don'ts... I do hope to to keep marriage longer. It is useful for everybody, married or not, boy or girl.  I noticed every month my posting is a mere 7 . I guess thats about all the post that I can write.So you all have to be patient with me....