May 19, 2011

To be a Muslim or a Christian?

  A Church in Aleppo, Syria. Picture by Google Images.

I heard on the radio recently with disspointment, dismay and regrets when the people on the radio IKIM.fM were discussing about a Malay Muslim university student wanted to convert to Christianity. In Malaysia, all Malays are automatically Muslims. In schools, primary and secondary, Islam is a must subject for all Malays. Unfortunately when they go for higher education there is no more Islamic teaching except for those who wants to seek further knowledge. The subject, Islam is just like any other subjects we learn in school. We do not know what is  the use of it. I mean the essence of teaching, that is in my own opinion, is actually to INSPIRE children. 

Children should be inspired to realised their capabilities in whatever fields they might have the talent in it and education should be focused towards that inspiration. Teaching Islamic subject is not for them to at the end of the day sit for exams and get "A" for that subject. Education should be inspired by applying what they learn, practically, for example why is it that it is important to learn maths. They can play buy and class, addition and subtraction and how teacher can stressed its importance in adulthood. So in Islam, teachers (Ustaz or Ustazah) must stress why it is important that we learn Islam, they must be told about Allah's love and also about Allah's wrath. Nevertheless it is an essential subject in school ( better have than not), and parents should play an active role in giving religious education at home too. I mean practical education, by example, after all salah is compulsory, doing it at home will encourage interest and curiosity.

Crystal Mosque, Terengganu, Malaysia. (Night). Picture by Google Images.

Crystal Mosque. (Day). Picture by Google Images.

Islam brings us out from darkness to brightness. Islam is the religion since Prophet Ibrahim. All the religion after that is Islam. In fact since Prophet Adam Monotheism was what it was all about. To worship and glorify Allah alone.It teaches us to submit to the One and only Creator (monotheism). Paganism is when you have something in between The Creator  for you to seek something, eg idols, statue, tree, grave, another human being. Asking through this things or person for favour or help, when one can ask directly to The Creator without going through any red tape or procedure or offerings before getting what you want.

I was trained to be a Nurse in a private hospital here in Malaysia. It is a Roman Catholic Hospital. They have a chappel in the hospital building with an oversized human statue on a cross. In Islam, we are prohibited from having any kinds of figurine in the house because the satan normally sits in it and satan always, always and always never fails to lead human astray as they had promised to The Creator when Adam was created out of jeaslousy. Its the human being that always, always forgets that satan is our dire enemy.

I have live among the Christians for 3 years, I sleep, eat, study and do almost everything with them. They even sings hymns before lessons starts. I was the only Malay Muslim in the College at that time and the only Malay Muslim in the hospital when I was working there. Food was not halal, and I was a meagre 46kg then. Now you can change the number around and add a few more kgs ...^_^... When Christmas comes I am the one decorating the Wards, while all the Christians goes for their festive holidays. There are many types of Christianity. The one I'm refering in this post is The Roman Catholic. There are also Protestant whom do not have Idols in their church, hence they are called Protest-ant. But they do not believe in virgin Mary unlike the Roman Catholics. There are also Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, Jehovah Witness, you can refer here for more.

A Good Friday Cruxifixion ceremony Philipines. By Google Images.

In  The Bible King James Version  Mark 12:32. " And the scribe said unto him, well, Master, thou has said the truth for there is one God, and there is none other but He." In Luke 4:40-41."As the sun was setting, all those who had any who were sick with various kinds of diseases brought them to him; and he laid his hands on each of them and cured them. Demons also came out of many, "shouting you are The Son of God". But he rebuked them and would not allow them to speak". Here you can see that it is the Demons coming out from the people he cured that shouted and saying that "Jesus is The Son of God".

In the Quran Allah says: "O people of  the Book, Commit no excess in your religion nor say of Allah naught but the truth. Isa, Masih, the Son of Mary was no more than a Messenger for Allah and His word which He bestowed on Mary and a spirit proceeding from Him, so believe in Allah and His Messengers and do not say, "They are Three." Desist, it will be better for you, for Allah is one God, Glory be to Him ,as He is far EXALTED above having a son. To Him belong the contents of the Heaven and all things that are on Earth and Allah is enough as a disposer of Affairs". 4-171.Surah An-Nissa, Ayah171.

Parents, is the key here but then stories like of Aishah Bokhari a Malay Muslim, graduated in Accounts from UiTM, works in Maybank, fell in love with her boss, a Christian and now dissapeared, her whereabouts unknown, and believed to be living a Christians life. Unlike Lina Joy, she studied Christianity. There are so many unreported cases. In Subang Jaya, during one of the Thursday night (we called it Friday night, because in Islam new day starts after sunset) in the Mosque, one mother was requesting the Imam to do a special prayer for her daughter who wanted to become Christian. Love, is the usual weapons used to attract Muslims girls to Christianity here in Malaysia. Therefore knowledge is very important, from school, from parents, from good know your enemy  THE SATAN!