April 4, 2011

A wedding in Muar.

Muar, is a place where I was born. It is situated on the West almost South of Peninsular Malaysia. (Don't know how to paste map yet). I went to the Sultan Abu Bakar primary all girls school until Standard 6 (12 years old). I stayed with my grandparents (I don't understand initially why I was sent to stay with my grandparents). I finally figured it out on my own...I did ask my mum, but she did not give me a satisfactory answer.It was because, when I was born, my mum was 17 years old (yep). By the time I was 7, she already have 3 more other children and was getting another one the year after. So it was really a handful for her to cope with.

Lots of bitter sweet memory in Muar. I go to 2 type of school sessions, morning and afternoon. Alternating the sessions in the primary school, I go to a religious school which is only available in the afternoon sessions. So I can only go to religious school only when I am in the morning session. Am I confusing anybody??? Meaning 6 years of primary school and ONLY 3 years of religious school.

 I walk to and fro to this school (religious school), imagine the danger at that time? Ha ha ha ....when I go to primary school I wore the pinnafore, to the religious, school baju kurung (traditional Malaysian 2 piece dress for ladies) with head cover and all..... Well Allah protect me except in one incident when I disobey my grandparents and cross the road to get to an Ais Kacang stall, its a kind of dessert made with shredded ice and local toppings. I was knock down by a bicycle and sustained a big bump on my forehead. I survived! 

Ais Kacang by Google Images.

After school I used to stop to all the houses along my way home. I still remember one Chinese lady will always call the satay man, and he will grill the satay right infront of her house, and the smell was joyous. I could only smell, no money....

Satay by Google Images.

The next house I like to stop would be the mee hoon (rice vermicilli) maker, I will jump and hop to peep at the process of making the noodle. He even have a machine to turn the noodles into long thin strips....Then I stop at another house and this one owns by a chinese lady who is good with the sewing machine. She makes beautiful Chinese embroidery of dragons and phoenix onto satin material and my eyes just glued to the needle moving around creating beautiful embroidery. This is what I always do almost every day, and if the roti man (bread), comes by on his bicycle ...ting ting ting, and if I have money I would stop him and by my favorite  roti (bread), soft roll with coconut filling....yummy...

Enough nostalgia and back to the of my cousins, married off her eldest daughter at her parents house in Muar. I used to go this house when I was staying in Muar, walked (not very near), sometimes cycles and we had a good childhood at that time. This cousin of mine has 4 sisters and 6 brothers. We used to fight with the boys even. When we finally arrive in Muar town after about 21/2 hours drive... I just couldn't find this house. My mum, whom we brought along herself could not even remember where this house was ( her own sister's house) ha ha ha.... believe it or not...we went round and round into housing areas...ended up with dead ends and small roads, our MPV almost topple into a drain.

Finally we stopped...say Astaghfirullah...recite the AlFatihah and ask Allah for guidance. In the end we did find our way....Lessons... Walimahtul Arus (wedding) invitations are obligatory for each individual Muslims to fulfill. But then before making any decisions it is advisable that we do the Istikharah prayer which I myself always forget to do (May Allah Give me guidance always). Next, always say the vehicle du'a before starting our journey.

"Glory to Him Who has subjected these to our (use), for we could never have accomplished this                    (by ourselves).And to our Lord surely we must turn back."

We must also perform 2 rakaah Musafir Salah.
 We must try to keep our wuduk at all time possible.
We must always seek Allah guidance in everything that we do daily, because we are helpless and without His guidance, going back to familiar place can make us go astray.

Allah please guide us always, for without Your Guidance we will not know which way to go.