April 19, 2011

My first Baklava attempt.

This is my first Baklava attempt. It was almost a disaster and I wanted to throw everything into the dustbin.If not because of the pastry is expensive I might have... I prepared the syrup and toasted the nuts day before...but didn't have time to chopped it. So I pounded it the next day. Then the phyllo pastry just stuckked to each other, and every time I tried to pull them apart they get torn into bits and pieces. I guess its my fault. I brought it down from the freezer into the cold compartment..maybe 2 days ( I forgot). Then I couldn't find the right time to make it, I freeze it again.. I put it in the cold compartment again the day before and out to room temperature in the early morning and only manage to do it late morning. So I made it layer by layer and guess what I forgot to take photos of it  ha ha ha...old lady!

This is it when I remembered to photograph it, all patched up Baklava.
After cutting it and just before going into the oven

The finished product after baking....not bad eh...but I might use in the future, if I do make it again...I would just use almonds and kids don't really like the walnuts taste.  Anybody adventurous enough? Recipes from Emm Malik's Kitchen's blog here.