March 20, 2011

School holidays and Tsunamis.

It was school holidays here in Malaysia from the 12th March till yesterday 20th March. Holiday for kids could be madness for parents.  It started from Friday where school finishes at 12 noon for the Jumaah prayer. After preparing lunch, I quickly put on my black jubah, black and white head cover, black stockings and hand stockings I rushed to the primary school (10 mins drive). Park my car, went up to the school to look for my son. I never let him wait outside, so even if I was late he is safe ( InshaAllah) in the school compound.

We then went to the next entrance to fetch my secondary school boys. The schools are adjacent but they have to use different exits ( for security reason, big children bullying small children). Quickly drive them home for lunch, everything lasted about half an hour.

The boys quickly freshen up and another drive to the mosque, which is located in a university compound ( MMU), no mosque yet here. Once we arrived there I gave my youngest son some money for donation to the mosque, this is to teach them to be generous, after all they uses the facilities there like water and electricity which need monetary maintenance.

I then drove to my daughter's school, she is in a boarding school, Sekolah Seri Puteri ( which is actually just opposite from where we resides. Carry a basket of dirty clothes and bedsheets and lots more of other stuff. Send her home, have my lunch and Zohor prayer and then rush to fetch the boys from the mosque and drive them home. After dropping them, I then drove towards Cheras which is in Kuala Lumpur to fetch another son who is also in a boarding school Alam Shah Science School ( if you do open the web site, under the Pelancaran Minggu Penghayatan Islam the one that reads the Quran is my son Firdaus ( one of the twins).

Yes! you're right another basket, no actually bags, boys don't carry baskets, of dirty linen again...hence the title Tsunami, is actually Tsunami of dirty linens in the house.

I do want to mention about the Tsunami in Japan, we should accept that this is one of Allah's greatest Will. Japan, a country that have the most advanced technology in earthquake management and expert in Tsunamis  (Tsunami is actually a Japanese word meaning big wave), could not predict that it could happen. Their equipment were not functioning to warn them about the incoming Tsunamis. But to me it is just to show that when Allah's will it to happen it will happen, and we humans are like small ants, swept away helplessly.

This should be a reminder to all Muslims that the Day of Judgement is real and true and when it happens it will be just like the Tsunami in Japan and much more worst because the sun and the stars and the moon and the whole universe will collide, with each other and turned to dust. There is no escape but to be afraid of Allah WRATH....

Normally I would send them to the mosque every morning during the school holidays for their Quran lessons and hafazan (memorising) the Quran. Since we moved here I have to look for another alternative so this school holiday they spent most of their time on the computers, games and all  :(

Last Friday brought my children to the magnificent Sultan Mizan Mosque in Putrajaya. This is a photo of it.

They don't want to go any where else. 10 mins drive from my place, might come here for all activities in the future, InshaAllah.....Bless all of you and enjoy each passing day with Thankfullness to Allah.