March 3, 2011

New Templates.

Yippee, can really learn IT just by trying it out. I mean making your fingers work at it. No point learning, paying expensive fees. The computer is the best self help gadget I have ever come across. I mean I am a middle age lady, I just have to try, try and try over and over again. Maybe try, try try and many tries before success. Walla, just look at my beautiful new blog.

Any comment? well I don't have many friends yet. Who wants to be friend with an old lady anyway. Not thinking the same level, not up to date and nothing much in common. I can only share my experiences in life.  I noticed, those who have a lot of friends are those who has started blogging much earlier. I must be patient too. Ha ha just as I said old lady like me, takes time to do everything. Ya hoo too today, finally the latest high speed broadband is finally installed. The whole family  can finally go online without fighting for the broadband anymore.

I hope the bill won't skyrocket either.