February 11, 2011

Weird but true.

I was at a shopping complex one day, send notebooks, handphones for repairs and other chores. My 8 year old son was tagging along, suddenly he told me that somebody gave the mopping lady sadaqah ( that was what I thought he said). I, like usual took the oppotunity to educate and started blabbering that that should be the way.

The mopping lady works, she works for her living, yet their income are just a dribblet. We should give sadaqah to them instead of beggars. I've seen beggars coming to mosque in cabs to their jobs, begging. I mean, this is easy money is'nt it?

The mopping lady, cleaners, guards, they work hard and they work long but what they earn could be a whole dining meal we have with our family at a very expensive restaurant. So this are the people we should give donation to. Suddenly, my son after listening intensely told me that it was the mopping lady that gave donation to somebody. Oh my, I was extremely ashamed, she is already earning so little yet she has a big heart to help others. So be generous to less fortunate not to beggars, to people who don't ask for it, but we know they need it.

More generosity story soon, do keep posted.