February 17, 2011

Peace and Patience.

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim.

The Prophet Muhammad SAW used to take a certain route to the mosque. Everytime he passed a certain area a Jewish lady would always throw rubbish at him. Inspite of such a treatment towards the Rasul of Allah he still take the same route everyday and everyday the lady would throw rubbish at him.

One day while he was on the way to the mosque, taking the same route as usual, the rubbish did not come. He felt something was not right,why did'nt the rubbish come anymore. He went to ask the villagers as to the whereabout  the Jewish lady house. Upon entering the house he found out that the lady is sick. He quickly ask somebody to treat her and after that day the Jewish lady became a Muslim.

The Prophet Muhammad PBUH, went to Taif to bring the great tidings from Allah and that the only way of life (religion) is Islam. While he was there he tried to explain that he was Allah messenger and that he was elected to invite people to worship only Allah alone. Instead the people of Taif got angry at him and started to throw stones at him. The Malaikah (angel- Not the same though, in Islam Malaikah are neither male nor female, does not eat, sleep or get married), was so upset with what the people of Taif did to him, they ask his pemission for revenge and ask him what he wants them to do, create earthquake, turn their land upside down? Instead the Pophet just asked to forgive them for they do not know what they are doing..

This virtues are rare among normal humans, but we should try to cultivate it and this world would be a better place to stay...