February 4, 2011

I Went To Saudi Arabia.

I was in Saudi Arabia. Why I went there? I really don't know at that time. Everybody else went of course because of the money. When I went, the pay was slashed to slightly less than half, but then at that time it was still more than what I was earning in Malaysia. I went because, every nurses would dream of going to Saudi Arabia immediately after they finished their contracts, and it was easy to go. Just go to the agent, bring along your credentials and they will do every thing for you.

Once your application was accepted, back then, there was no formal interview even.
Tickets, visa everything was done by them. When everything was complete, they will inform you the flight details and off I go. My family sent me to the airport. I was still wondering then, why I went, when all of my friends refused to go because of the pay. ( They're all over Saudi Arabia now because of the pay).

I went to perform Hajj that year after much persuasion from my beloved friends (May Allah Bless all of them, for in some way has shown me to the right path-Allah path). After Hajj, I went to work as usual in my crisp uniform, but that day was the most odd day in my life. I felt, as I fulfill my obligations to my employer I was like walking around bare. I felt very bad that when I returned from work I went to look for my beloved friend and told her what I felt.

I started crying my heart out and told her that I want to put on the hijab. As usual she would console and continue to advise me. I told her I don't have any, to go to work with (uniform) and to go outing with (black). She said "don't worry". That  nigh,t I received a bundle of them. May Allah Bless them for their kindness. That was why I went to Saudi Arabia. Allah wanted to show me His way of life, the way that has been ordained upon us from the time of Adam AS till the time of Muhammad SAW, Peace and Blessings upon all of them.